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Caddy bumpers on Gumtree

Post by wayne509 » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:37 am

Not sure if this is allowed so please remove if not.

A couple of months ago I got my caddy and obviously wanted to started modifying it.
I saw an advert for touran bumpers on Gumtree. Text the guy ... phoned him and all was good. I wanted it totally smoothed so we agreed a price and I was told 1 week and I would have it. Paid the £200 deposit and waited .... and waited. 2 and a half weeks later got in touch and was told he had a bad back so couldn't do it just now. Wasn't happy but what can you do. Waited another 2 and a half weeks and he sent a pic of the finished item.

Looked good except I specifically told him I didn't want a bumper with headlamp washers but this one had them.

Still not the end of the world .... just send me it please is its at least a month over. I also enquired about insured delivery .... and was informed he had sent over 200 bumpers or painted items and never had a problem and the bumper would be braced and packed well.

Another week later ( apparently that's how long it takes to get bubble wrap ) it was posted and arrived 2 days later.

At first if did appear well wrapped but once i got all the bubble wrap off thats when my tears started. No bracing whatsoever at the rear. Not really a problem on a normal bumper but on something that has to have such thick filler, turns out he had used chopped strand instead of fibreglass mat so flexing probably isn't the best thing. As i had worked with glassfibre for years we had discussed this on the phone and i was assured it would be all good.

Anyway the front was all cracked ... to be honest though I maybe shouldn't have gone for the posted option as most couriers don't really give a shit do they.
I could have almost accepted that BUT the corner was also snapped off the bumper. That stuff doesn't just snap. On close inspection It had obviously been a damaged bumper and it had been 'hot pinned' . There had been no repair with adhesive or plastic welded so would have always have happened if it took another hit.

Obviously I was furious and contacted him but he just dismissed it saying it was fine.

I have had to shell out another £100 to get it fixed ( properly ). Still unsure if it fits or is mishapen in any way ... will find out on Saturday.

I gave him every opportunity to come good with this ... offered to send it back at my cost for a refund and he could have fixed and sold to someone else. Have told him what it had cost to sort but no joy.

I'm sure some of you have had a good bumper from him but I would suggest anyone considering getting one should go inspect it first and collect in person.

I was also supposed to get a 'R' badge with it which he insists he sent but have gone through the packaging 3 times and there is nothing there

This post is just to give you a wee heads up that Rob from Huddersfield perhaps doesn't know as much as he pretends to or knowingly just bodges it up so BEWARE when parting with your £500

Anyone got his address please P.M me it . I'm down that way in the summer so would be rude to not drop in for my badge

This morning I sent him a text saying that I have started spreading the word. He sent me a pic of a black set of bumpers stating "I just sold this for £850 ... nobody can stop me"

Be careful guys !!!!