stupid question of the day.... touran vs caddy

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Re: stupid question of the day.... touran vs caddy

Post by magic » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:47 am

Doc wrote:Hey Magic,
I like to sound of 205BHP but the wheel spin is bound to be mental. :lol:
Hows it goin for you? any problems?
You still gonna fit the RS4 exhaust so I can take your R32 set-up? ;)

Yeah wheel spin isnt a problem at the mo as i only get a heavy right foot from 2nd gear onwards.
RS4 exhaust is up for sale.


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Re: stupid question of the day.... touran vs caddy

Post by hedge » Sat Dec 13, 2008 7:30 pm

jedi-knight83 wrote:also is it the same 1.9tdi engine in this for instance" onclick=";return false; ... 286.c0.m14

because its interesting it runs a manual 6sp and the caddy only has a 5sp

wonder if the 6sp would be a straight swap?
I've been told it should be, its something I want to do too

Haven't checked the link but the 1.9 lump is the same one used in the mk4 golf and mk5 not to mention loads and loads of vw/audi's etc
so parts are really easy to come by and swap.

The caddy 1.9 uses a mixture of 1.9 tdi parts heres the low down
Inlet manifold off the 130/150 tdi (used in the mk4 golf not sure of other cars) its the biggest oem one used! :D
front mounted intercooler off 150 tdi again used in the mk4 and its a very good oem part :D
turbo is the one used in the 100 models :( (can be swapped tho :evil: )
thats the main things anyone know of any other things
maybe a faq is in order!
105 tdi with DARKSIDE power (and a few more mods)

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