MFSW buttons not fully working tip

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MFSW buttons not fully working tip

Post by Boonalon » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:45 pm

I’ve been stalking about here for a bit and I have to say it’s a great community! It’s been a great source of info for me with my own little project, more on that in the next week or so.

But one little tip I had not seen here is with the MFSW buttons, mainly if the buttons are sticking.

I know you all love this nice little upgrade so this may help if you have this issue

First of all remove the buttons complete, there is plenty of how too’s on this and remove the screws and carefully take apart.


There is no glue or anything like that so no need to worry.
Have a look under the button and you may see some white plastic bits like this

These are the tabs that are melted to hold the black section onto the front of the buttons you press. They have a habit of breaking over time and as they have no where to go, just jam up the buttons

The only careful bit is moving the tabs back, green arrow to pop the front housing off. When it off,remove any broken tabs and clean the area. If there are a few missing don’t worry, I have seen even 2 tabs are enough to hold the front section on, if you are worried, a tab of glue will work, just let it fully dry before reassembling. Refit all in reverse order and Ta Da all works ok again

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