Confusion over auxiliary heater options

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Re: Confusion over auxiliary heater options

Post by alunj » Tue May 23, 2017 4:32 pm

From the sticker under the bonnet.
Webasto Thermo and Comfort SE
Model Thermo Top VEVO
Op Voltage 12V 5KW
Fuel: Petrol
Part No: 1K0.010.014.B

Need to poke thru the coding now . Waiting on my new VCDS HEX-V2 to arrive

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Re: Confusion over auxiliary heater options

Post by Jasons6930 » Fri May 26, 2017 6:46 am

My electric heater is quite slow to respond, but then again, we really haven't had a winter that cold this year.

Having said that, on a couple of mornings when the temps were 2-3 degrees, there was some clicking going on in the relay compartment under the steering wheel, and if that was the electric heater, then i am hoping it wasn't cold enough to output any real proper heat.

I also have full climate, and with it set at 22, very little air is pushed into the cabin, but if i wacked it up to high, the fans would blow fast, but strangely nothing really came out of the vents.

After about 5 mins, i am on the bypass and so the engine temps are getting warmer, and thats when i can feel the output, but the temp gauge is just lifting off the bottom by then, so dont know if its the aux heater or not.

Anyway, so far, from my experiences, its crap, although as said, it hasn't been cold enough yet really to give it a proper test.

Lastly, to anyone thinking of spending money on a vcds,then don't. There really isn't that much you can do with it as all the modules are 'poverty spec' with very little programmed into them in the new vans. Some of the modules will also show boxes un ticked, even though this option is installed!

All i have managed to do with it so far is..

Alter lane change flash to 4
Removed the rear wiper and motor.
Changed coming/leaving home lights to fog light & activated them to come on via door opening, rather than flashing the headlights.

There are a lot of tick boxes, but most of those don't do anything, and some throw up a fault if ticked.

This is on a Highline, so most of the stuff is enabled from the factory anyway.

There's also the adaptation channels which could be fruitful, but even though they are mainly in english, they are still very difficult to understand what they are referring to, and i think one has to be a bit careful messing with those.

RT arent really that helpful as i don't think they get the Caddy over there, however, we did discover the door modules are the same as a MkV Golf.

Anyway, ill shut up now.


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Re: Confusion over auxiliary heater options

Post by judasfan » Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:53 pm

Good evening, Gentlemen, could anybody tell me if on Caddy IV 1.4 TGI CNG could be fitted Webasto auxiliary heater? Is there such a vehicle in the forum with factory fitted heater? Thank you in advance for your answers!

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