Rear and side doors randomly won't unlock

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Rear and side doors randomly won't unlock

Post by Golich » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:42 pm

Hi, I have a 2012 1.6. Lately the rear door randomly stopped unlocking. Even though you can hear all the locks clunking including the rear door. Initially, I could override this with the key in the barn door lock barrel. However, even that fails to unlock the rear barn door.

So I went in via the side door and removed the rear ply lining and I am able to open the door manually from one of the many levers when this randomly happens.

With the ply lining off, I had a good look at all the linkages and spent some time trying to figure out what it might be. But the locking mechanism is pretty much all covered up making it tricky to guess how it all works internally. So I sprayed a load of penetrant oil and worked both the key and central locking fob a load of times and that worked for a few weeks.

However, that was until the side sliding door failed to open yesterday. Luckily this did not coincide with the rear door failing to open as I would not have been able to get into the back of the van without cutting the bulkhead!

Anyway, I noticed the side door wasn't closed properly from the warning light in the dash. So stopped to re-open the side door and close it fully. It wouldn't open from either the outside handle or the inside handle. I guess that's the deadlock in action. Activating the key fob multiple times didn't work either. i.e. the double tap of the fob to open all locks. (I don't have that feature activated on this van)

Like I said thankfully the random unlocking didn't happy to both doors at the same time. But now I am paranoid I am going to arrive at a place only to find I can't get into the back of the van through either door.

I have not yet investigated the side door issue.

Any clues?

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Re: Rear and side doors randomly won't unlock

Post by Super64 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:21 pm

My rear door won’t lock & Unlock. My side door also wouldn’t lock but I cleaned the contacts on both the door n the body then put contact grease on n it started working. Give it a go. Need to sort the rear as I use the lock n isn’t ideal. Hope this helps.

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Re: Rear and side doors randomly won't unlock

Post by Jaseives » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:27 am

I had this issue over the weekend, it was after the rear door was shut with the handle up, removed the panel, as previously said, and reset the handle position and all is now fine.

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