Power-Steering Tank Leak

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Power-Steering Tank Leak

Post by darius659 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:38 pm

hi, I own a 2.0 SDI 51KW diesel caddy 2KN, the power-steering tank is leaking and the mechanic said that I need to replace the power-steering rack.

here's the thing, the cap on the tank is green, my father put red ATF and I read online that it eats up the seals, so I'm wondering if maybe I just need to replace the seals, wherever they may be, instead of spending about 900$ on a new rack + labor.

the thing under the tank to which I drew a red arrow to has fluid around it.

I welcome any advice as I am a bit paranoid about mechanics in general, I live in a south-eastern european country where most of the skilled workers have left for western europe.