Driving in Europe - adapting headlights on 2018 Caddy

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Driving in Europe - adapting headlights on 2018 Caddy

Post by thebackrow » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:08 pm

We drive across France a couple of times each year - for our our old 2008 Caddy Life we bought a set of headlamp protectors from VW that had marks and tape for converting your UK lights for use in Europe. "Deflectors" is a bit of a lie - there was just a rectangle of black tape in the right place.

VW don't seem to sell the headlamp protectors for the latest headlights and I can't see any marks on the light itself. Does anyone have a diagram/instructions for masking your lights? I hear VW sell a kit but I'm guessing it's a few bits of tape and a template - it doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere online.

I know you can work it out by facing your car up to a blank wall and masking it but we live in London so finding somewhere that would work is easier said than done.

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Re: Driving in Europe - adapting headlights on 2018 Caddy

Post by RKDesigns » Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:12 pm

I’m from the Netherlands. I never change it, just drive around in the UK with my EU lights even its the Audi or VW. Police does nothing, in most Cars you have a leveling knob just change it into a lower stand and its fine, the lights Will not blind others on the road if you do that.

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