JOM axle flip bolts

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JOM axle flip bolts

Post by veearrsix » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:47 pm

I have got a maxi life and have bought the jom blueline coil-over kit. I have worked out the order of brackets and have switched the position of the leaf spring locator dowel, however the bolts supplied seem to be at least 10mm too short, i have snugged them up pretty tight and the bolt threads haven't even cleared the locking nylon on the nylock nuts.

I suspect the bolts are for the single leaf springs, but would be good to confirm, the bolts appear to be 160mm long.

Also the nuts supplied for the longer shackles appear to have the wrong thread, it's much courser than the thread on the OEM bolts. Am I supposed to use the old bolts? I assumed I did as no other bolts have been supplied.