Van not starting sometimes, electrical issue?

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Van not starting sometimes, electrical issue?

Post by LWA » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:23 am

Recently got my 2009 1.9tdi Caddy Maxi, and the electrics have become faulty.
Van appears totally dead when trying to turn it on (no lights on dash), and the cab lights flicker, clock display turns on when doors are open, but similarly flickering.
I managed to start the van in the end after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery after a break, but then the van suddenly died again whilst driving, taking several minutes to be able to start it again. ABS and brake lights were flashing (and 3 beeps) occasionally at the start of the first journey (about miles 1-2 in), then van stopped about 11 miles in.
Could this be the 109 relay? I know it had a fault with the parrot/radio before I bought it, and the previous owner removed that fuse, could it be linked?
The more weird thing is a similar thing happened twice before, but started a few minutes later, and then no issues in the following journeys. So had this issue 3 times over the past month/1500 miles...
Cheers for your help!

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Re: Van not starting sometimes, electrical issue?

Post by gavzzorz » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:02 am

Sounds like a loose connection, try giving the connections a wiggle, common ones to try would be...

- Battery terminals.
- Battery Negative to the chassis (behind the battery to the right).
- Engine bay fuse box connections (Take the fuse box cover off and the red wires coming up the front).

look to see if any of them are corroded also.
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