Caddy rear seat conversion

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Caddy rear seat conversion

Post by Danpitman5 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:56 am

Hi everyone, working on my caddy project at the moment, it already had a seat conversion in the back when I brought it, and 3 point seat belts, I removed the ply lining yesterday to have access for insulating and carpeting, and when I undone the seat belt bolts the plates dropped into the panel, its going to be impossible for me to gain access to them and I have no idea how they even got them in the panel to start with, iv been thinking of way all night last night and I think they must have used some kind of magnet or something! Anyway.. seeing as I feel this will be an impossible task for me (plus hold me up with my carpeting) is it perfectly legal to just remove both 3 point belts and install lap belts on NS rear and OF side rear seats? The middle seat has a 3 point built in already, I know it wont look the best but I feel it's the only option right now. Many thanks

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Re: Caddy rear seat conversion

Post by Katiecaddy » Sat Mar 21, 2020 2:55 pm

It shouldn’t be too bad, where the reel is bolted in, remove that and gain access to the plate, then feed down some string or wire or fishing line etc, tie it to the plate and pull it up until you can put the bolt back in. Then re install the inertia reel.

Ours actually has a small rivet next to the bolt so that if it’s undone it doesn’t fall down

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