Reversing Camera

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Reversing Camera

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FishermansFriend wrote: Wed Nov 18, 2020 6:09 pm To get a reverse camera working with the MIB head units you will need:

An adapter like this one ... UTF8&psc=1

A camera like this one maybe? There are other designs available also. ... 0005.m1851

It then needs to be wired, ground wire to earth point at wheel arch, power to the fuse box, yellow plug into the adapter which goes into the back of the MIB unit pins 6 and 12. It then needs to be coded to reverse camera low, mine needed a few other changes to get it working like disabling PDC sensors which were enabled.
Thnx 4 info but

Ive got a Discover Media HU in my 2016 Caddy but if I understand it correctly, it is PDC or camera, not both ?
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Re: Reversing Camera

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I'm sure you can have both.
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Re: Reversing Camera

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Did you route the cable through the rear talegate? If so how? I'm struggling with that at the mo. Maybe I should have got a wireless one.

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