Caddy 2012 Reverse Camera Issue

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Caddy 2012 Reverse Camera Issue

Post by Andy H » Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:52 pm

hi,i need some help please

I have a Pioneer reverse/rear view camera & Pioneer Mixtrax Head Unit. The head unit has a built in wire for the reverse power supply taken from the reversing light

All works fine with igntion on but no engine running, reverse camera works fine when I select reverse gear and the rear view camera works as it should

If the engine is running, the reversing camera is no longer activated by selecting reverse, however the rear view camera can be selected and works.

i have a constant 12v at all times.

Reverse lights come on in both ingnition on/engine off and ingnition on/engine running.

Any help would be great.

Dealer says I need Can Bus adapter at £70, some posts on forums say using a 5 pin relay can solve the problem, non seem to list my exact issue as camera has power and good quality picture .

If I use a 5 pin relay do I need a relay for the camera and a relay for the head unit, question, how does this need wiring bearing in mind head unit has built in reverse wire signal.

Many thanks, any help appreciated.