Advice for fixing screw holes in van floor

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Advice for fixing screw holes in van floor

Post by Deeni »

Hey all

I bought my Caddy a few weeks ago and have started working on it, and I am constantly being reminded how little I know about any of this, and how every job seems to reveal three more :D :D

My latest dilemma is what to do about screws in the van floor. There are a few stuck in there, some have a little rust around them. I want to put down insulation etc so I need to do the right thing before I put that down.

Do I need to sand, prime, fill etc? Any tips or advice on methods and products would be very appreciated. Is this even something an inexperienced person can get right or should I pay someone to do it properly?
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Re: Advice for fixing screw holes in van floor

Post by DucatiTodd »

Hey mate,

I had the same issue, I managed to get mine out with some mole grips as the heads were all blown!

I then decided to use Gorilla tape over the holes, no doubt this isnt the best solution but the bed is double skinned so we shouldn't be getting moisture there! You could also lay down a small amount of rattle can paint then tape over.

Hopefully I wont be cursing my laziness in 12 months!
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Re: Advice for fixing screw holes in van floor

Post by Scoobysrt »

Rust is a disease very hard to cure.
The only proper way is to sand back to bare metal around the hole until no rust is evident then treat with something like genolite before repainting. Depending how bad they are you might even redrill the holes to make sure there's no rust inside the hole.
The easier option is to put some grease each side and put some tape over it.
Personally I recommend the first option, a touch up pen would work for the repainting depending how many holes there are, put a couple of coats on.
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