Tyre options on standard rims

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Tyre options on standard rims

Post by DeSelby »

New to the forum and doing the newbie thing of tugging my forelock (or at least gesturing towards the bit of my head where that used to be), curtseying, avoiding eye contact and so on.... then crashing straight in with a demand for advice backed up with facts :-)

Due to put a full set of tyres on a 2018 startline caddy and swapping all four (five I suppose) is an opportunity to change size and profile. Nothing especially radical but I'm just curious about choices on the standard 15" rims that would give a bit of a wider contact patch and fill the arches a bit more - tending (subtly) more towards a swamper look that lowered / low profile.

I've stuggled to find options backed up with a picture of the tyres on the van other than a thread here - https://forum.caddy2k.com/viewtopic.php?t=26241 which is what brought me to the forum

So... do you have chunkier tyres on your standard wheels (without any ride height or wheel arch modifications?
Do you have pictures?
Can you post them here?

Thanks in advance if you can.
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Re: Tyre options on standard rims

Post by Killomiter »

Hi DeSelby - do you mean something like winter treads etc or simply wider tyres than standard as if this is the case it might be worth talking to tyre fitters as they are liable if they do not advise within the law.
Hope this helps you

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