Any mod plans for over Xmas period?

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Any mod plans for over Xmas period?

Post by Ainzley91 »

I plan on finally finding the time to insulating and carpeting the rear and headliner.
1. What insulation have people used?
2. How do you remove the touran rear seat plastic where the seats clip into?

What’s your plans over Xmas?
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Re: Any mod plans for over Xmas period?

Post by Pman1984 »

I sound deadened the metal work and put the dodo mat 6mm foam over the top. There was also alot of the insulation already stuffed in the panels when I got my caddy so that will go back in too.

As for the plastics, there are 20tx screws holding it to the metalwork from memory just remove the seats and you will see them from the top.

My van is bare inside at the min so I'll be doing much like you and trimming it if the weather holds up.

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