Show me your silver caddys

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Re: Show me your silver caddys

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Mine. Bought it yesterday covered in stainless steel tat. Looked like it had been ram raiding a Chinese Lexus dealership!😂
Stuck my 18’s on it and much happier. Removed the bulkhead, repaired side door wiring which had been munched by the PO’s dog and repaired the wiring in the engine bay which had been worn through by the conduit and started carpeting the small ply panels earlier.
Very pleased😎

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Re: Show me your silver caddys

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Damo2k wrote: Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:31 pm Mk3 caddy 2006 c20Image

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Love your rims and the clean look, guessing they’re 20”s, what brand are they?
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