Maxi life build

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Re: Maxi life build

Post by torque777 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:34 pm

Driving home from work last night I lost power while accelerating onto a dual carriageway, coil light came on flashing and I knew straight away I'd lost boost, I still managed to maintain 60mph but took a while to get there, took a look this morning and the clamp had come off the hose some how so then the boost was exiting the gap in the hose, popped it back on again but think I need a tighter clamp, surprised it's stayed on for three years and and chose now to let goImage

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Re: Maxi life build

Post by chrisd317 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:43 pm

Hello mate, quick question do you have the part number for the skoda holder and cable etc please?

So I decided to not fit mine in the arm rest but to use the skoda clip in cover and lead to fit in glove box area, as I have a passenger airbag I trial fitted the clip in the slot for air bag switch, it fitted about right so cut my hole just underneath this switch, I took the opportunity while fitting this to remove my Nokia handsfree as it's been playing up so will still need to replace this, anyway it's dam tight behind the stereo but the quadlock loom fitted, the next problem was where to fit the mdi interface, there was no room behind the glove box at all, so fitted it just under the heater, so trial fitted then cut glove

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