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Re: Blackberry Life

Post by mark1a » Sun Jul 04, 2021 4:11 pm

Hello again John, hope all is good, Caddy Maxi Life is a good choice to start a Caddy project with if you’re looking at a leisure vehicle rather than a workhorse. Hopefully my previous wheels will clean up without too much difficulty and wheels always change the look of a vehicle.

As you see I tried both types, the Climair ones I had first looked great, but would sometimes fall off. The Heko ones are cheaper and in my opinion the fastening clips are better and so far they’ve stayed in place perfectly.

For the seat blanking, basically I don’t bother with anything for the 2nd row as they’re in and out often or folded forwards. More importantly however, I’ve permanently removed the 3rd row, and seatbelts. The mushroom bolts that fix the 3rd row in leave holes to outside and I was concerned about exhaust fumes entering the cabin so I simply bought 4x M10 bolts to go back in the holes and it’s been like that ever since.

Good luck with the van, feel free to get in touch or post on here with anything else.
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