Workhorse to Family Weekend Van

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Workhorse to Family Weekend Van

Post by Bburnsey » Mon May 04, 2020 8:26 am

Morning guys.. Still not a fully fledged member yet x count restricted Image. Hoping to become fully fledged soon as I need some how to guides for my project.

Picked up this 2005 2.0sdi work horse for £950 she has done 180,000 miles full years MOT bodywork needs sorting but has had a brand new clutch and flywheel kit 2 months ago reciept for £750 Image and she starts on the button.

This is how I picked her up.

So I've had a busy weekend on my essential during on Friday evening I managed to pick up a spares and repairs touran from the same seller as the van. The idea being using the touran for all the conversion parts needed then send her for scrap.

Saturday morning consisted of gutting the Caddy completey seats, horrible grey rubber floor, drilling the spot welds and removing the floor pan extension to reveal the rear foot wells. I decided not to do a dash conversion as I'm happy with the Caddy dash. After gutting the Caddy I had to do the same on the touran removing everything needed to fit back into the touran Torx 20 bit and a drill has been a life saver this weekend Image.

Just getting the last bits out the touran today need to drill the spot welds and cut out neatly the rear seat conversion beam ready to weld in which I'm still figuring out who or what I'm going to do with this. But not bad going for a couple of days work. Once the interior is complete I will focus on the exterior while gutting I found a few rusty spots which are going to need cutting out and welding up the bodywork I'm not too fussed about as it will be all repaired and wrapped in the coming months.

The windows have been ordered.. I didn't think about the recess in the doors not being the life model.. But I've been told that I will still be able cut out and fit the windows in both sliding doors they just won't be flush is this correct?

Just trying to get my head around the rear seat belts at the moment ImageImage.


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