On the cheap high(ish) miler

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On the cheap high(ish) miler

Post by mrskint » Tue May 05, 2020 1:11 pm

Afternoon everyone, its been a while since i had a thread on a project vehicle but i really fancy one for this.

i have owned then van for a couple of years already and it was bought in a panic fairly cheap to replace a car that died. the van was £1200 with just over 200k on the clock, its now sitting at 218k. 54 plate, BJB engine, ex builders van and not that pretty. im not sure on the spec level as im not familiar with vw's but it has cruise control, a/c (currently non-functional due to a failed compressor but it does hold pressure) and electric windows. its all boarded out in the back but its pretty dirty. its also got sliding doors both sides

i have done what i would call bare minimum maintenance on it over the last couple of years but i want to show it some love and make it nicer to drive.

first phase will be to get any faults fixed. these currently are: intercooler broken so the pipe does not secure and its leaking boost. rear exhaust section needs replacing, passenger window switch knackered, both sliding door lower runners are shot, bonnet release handle is broken, i believe the egr is stuck shut, needs a full service and both rear shocks are dead.

future plans are to clean and paint the inside of the back of the van, put a sound system in it and im thinking maybe a remap to see if i can get a little more power but mainly for more mpg.

I received the parts this morning for the intercooler, door runners, windows switch and service bits, will update with pictures and progress as i go on.