2011 startline build thread

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2011 startline build thread

Post by Jeff1994 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:44 am

I’m a panel beater in Sheffield, Bought my caddy in February 2019 had upholstered seats, 18inch rep monza wheels, and colour coded bumpers.
So as I put it on road put it on stance plus coilovers and played around with the heights on the front end and went from the rear adjustable plates to the original. (Found the stance kit to be bouncy and quite harsh on the front) noticed that the axle flip kit bolts was smashing into the bumpstop rings, so removed the bump stops and flipped the bolts afterwards due to the rear suspension having to much movement and they still hit the chassis rails.
Fast forward to lockdown decided to sound deaden, insulate, and carpet the rear after having it a empty tin shell for the past year :lol: then also wrapped the cabin headliner with suede (very difficult) and painted all the plastics in the front, and bought some rotiform nue in black 19x8.5 et45 with a small strech on them 225/35/19, ended up driving really nicely on them apart from the engine has a heavy vibration when under load so could do with some advice on this matter?
Changed the cam cover and injector seals and new injector bolts ran a little lumpy to start with but cleared up so guessing injectors was clogged up slightly or something.

planning on list :D
Wishbone replacement and poly bush
Timing belt and major service
Tmps retrofit and upgrade
Remap (egr,dpf, and front mount upgrade)
Rear roof lining and lighting setup
Possible touran seat conversion
Touran 1t3 mirror conversion
Rear axle air ride setup or upgrade the shocks
relocate arb mounts and powder coat axle
Possible chassis notch depending
Mk4 rear lights and rear bumper with brackets
hybrid touran bumper with golf hybrid build

Any advice on my future plans would greatly be appreciated, thanks

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Re: 2011 startline build thread

Post by ACalamita » Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:42 pm

Sounds good! Get some pics up :)

Local to Sheff too and have some similar things on my list/in my build thread ;)

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