Caddy Maxi Life Leisure Battery & Heater advice

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Caddy Maxi Life Leisure Battery & Heater advice

Post by BarnabyAldrick » Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:37 pm

Hi - I've bought a VW Caddy Maxi Life 150bhp and am excited to make an occasional camper out of it!

I'd like to fit a Leisure Battery & Diesel Heater and have seen some people position these under the drivers and passenger seats. Is this the best location?

I'm mainly going to keep the 2nd row of seats in, to fold flat to take a bed on top, and not use the rear seat row. Plus I'll occasionally pull all the seats out to use for moving furniture. So I suspect there aren't any better locations for a battery and heater? Unless there's any room under the current floor?

I'm going to have my local VAG servicing guys (IVC in Leeds) fit a leisure battery and diesel heater and wonder what the best setup is?

I’ve only just started putting a shopping list together so am open to suggestion from you guys, but so far I’m thinking something like this:

A 90-100Ah battery: eg set up to split charge and with an inverter to plug UK 3 pin devices into.

A 2kw or 5kw diesel heater, tapped into the fuel tank ideally: eg ... 08X46R3J7/.

I’d be happy to take shopping list suggestions from you guys if you've any advice!

Cheers in advance!
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