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Caddy Maxi Daily

Post by dandyer1995 »

Hi Guys and Girls,

Thought I’d start a build thread for my Caddy Maxi (ex Sky). Owned it for nearly a year now and love it!

Original plan was to build a mini camper van but after buying a house that needs work it’s become the daily driver.

Got a fair few ideas of stuff I want to get done on it but to start with will be lowered end of this month. Will also ‘borrow’ the alloys of the mrs golf until I source some suitable ones.

Long term plan is to have a nice clean looking caddy with big improvements to the interior so it’s not like driving a van Image

Pictures of it so far



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Re: Caddy Maxi Daily

Post by Wenny95 »

Hi there mate I'm in the same boat as yourself with my new van it's crazy how just a set of alloys can change the van so much. Going to start a build thread my self very soon. Keep us updated 👍
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