OBD2 Scanner

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OBD2 Scanner

Post by jono878 »

I have 2016 caddy maxi. What are people using for a scanner?
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Re: OBD2 Scanner

Post by Lockstock »

VCDS is the best

ODB eleven is virtually as good and from what I've read it's more user friendly

Some people have recommended Carley, but I've no experience of it
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Re: OBD2 Scanner

Post by petrev »

I use OBDEleven for quick and easy.

VCDS does a tiny bit more. Autoscan allied with the advice forum is a great feature - don't bother with mobile upgrade (unless that is your only option) I never seem to get mobile to work !?! Wireless connection is kind of nice but you need a wired connection for FW updates if I remember correctly.

Carly is pretty limited, or was when I tried it. I keep it just because you can use the dongle with generic OBDII apps. Good dongle.
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Re: OBD2 Scanner

Post by Nwcaddy »

Another vouch for OBD Eleven.
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