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Remap question

Post by Galby »

Hi, just away to get my Caddy a remap and the company has suggested that Quantium Blue remap would be best, has anyone any advice on that? Apparently it’s the better for fuel economy and additional bhp.

Estimated figures below:-

Volkswagen Caddy - 1.6 TDI - 101-BHP

Original BHP 101
Tuned BHP 145
BHP (Increase) 44
BHP Increase (%) 44 %
Original Torque (Nm) 250
Tuned Torque (Nm) 310
Torque (Increase) 60
Torque Increase (%) 24 %

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Re: Remap question

Post by Daggz68 »

Never heard of a quantum blue remap. A remap is a remap. Depends on what modifications its had
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Re: Remap question

Post by Home Boy Deluxe »

Best place for remaps on the caddy is wolfsburg vans in Manchester. Had mine done a while back and its night and day difference. Great on fuel and the increased power is ace. Best thing I have done to the van..
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Re: Remap question

Post by Doc »

Who else have you tried? Wolfsburg have only been remapping for a very short while so I'm still sceptical.
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