Rear suspension

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Rear suspension

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Hi All

New here to the caddy forum iv got a mk3 caddy and absolutely love it.
Iv been reading a lot of issues some of you guys/girls have come across with the rear suspension knocking after lowering, shock issues, bushes etc.

The van has been lowered on the vmaxx shackle and springs kit with bump stops cut down. Initially had issues with knocking changed the rear shocks for the stance shocks this helped slightly but still knocking.
Last weekend I changed the ARB bushes and drop links then result no knocking completely different van handled great and rear axle wobble was minimal then 4 days later knocking is back, funny enough driving on smooth roads there is nothing even going over bumps but when there is rough road the knocking is awful.

Iv check to see if anything is hitting the exhaust but there is plenty of clearance and no witness marks.Everything has been tightened while the van has been down on its own weight.

I’m planning on stripping the whole rear end down on the weekend to see what I come across.
Have any of you had the same issue or know of something I can check first?

Recorded a video of the knocking.

Much appreciated.