2004 sdi pd150 conversion

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2004 sdi pd150 conversion

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Hi folks new here and new to caddys, messed with golf's and the likes before but never owned an sdi, soon found living in a hilly area there's a good reason for it too.
I've managed to get hold of a complete 2005 seat leon mk1 fr with a pd150 arl In it, the original plan being take all the good bits and chuck it in the caddy off we go up hills in 5th gear. But as I've now realised the two ecus are completely different, I understand that I need to change the crank position to a newer hall sensor type as well as the cam position sensor. The few questions I have though

Is there a way of retrofitting the caddy to work with the older edc15 ecu and loom, I have a full car so could strip everything including clocks key barrel and key transponder ring to make it run.

If this sint the case

can I use the crank and cam sensor and pulley from my sdi with them being the correct type or does it have to be from a newer tdi like a bls?

for the ecu will a de immobilised bls unit work to run a 150 without a map in it straight away? There are ones available de immobilised and pre mapped to 140 I wondered weather these would run the 150 as a starter then look at a professional map when more funds are available

And finally can I use the sdi engine loom and re pin the ecu for the n75 valve, extend the wires for the map sensor and it should work?

Sorry its long winded but I'm a bit stuck at the min between going out finding more parts or looking for ecu pin outs to splice looms any advice or help is much appreciated