2014 Caddy Lwb camper/work van

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2014 Caddy Lwb camper/work van

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As the title suggests, that's what I've got.

Currently fitted the interior with some "custom built", shelving. Temporary power system for the fridge and electric blanket is a 100Ah LiPo battery in a ArkPak box with a manually actuated isolation switch to stop it from draining the main battery.

Intent is to throw a reversing camera, 2 camera dash cam (front and rear facing) and a proper 200Ah house battery system capable of outputting sustained loads of 2000W (gotta be able to make that coffee in the morning!).

Really looking for advice on the reversing camera as I'd like something that integrates nicely into either the number plate light or the high brake light (barn doors - so alas none of these options will centre the camera perfectly).