Toffee delights

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Re: Toffee delights

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You know that thing when you sit on the sofa, eat crap and not win awards?

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Re: Toffee delights

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I think you’ve definitely proved to a lot of people how amazing the van is, especially with the wider audience that the magazines have. It’s had the recognition it deserves and is an inspiration to all of us on here I think.
Have you got any more mods planned? Hard to see where else you could take it (except 4WD) but I know you keep pulling the ideas out of the bag!

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Re: Toffee delights

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Sloopjonbee wrote: Tue Nov 07, 2023 8:58 am It's taken me 3 days to read all of this build, cracking build mate, you deserve a rest!
You deserve a medal for spending 3 days reading it! I spent best part of a week looking and reading lol Zzzzz
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