Wolfsburg Caddy (minor) Build

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Wolfsburg Caddy (minor) Build

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I’ve wanted mud flaps on the front since I’ve had it, but think if my side bars got so damaged mud flaps would probably last even less time so was reluctant to buy genuine (which would be the preferred option) just to have them destroyed the first time I drive into work.

I bought a cheap (£12) set of universal mud flaps on EBay and spent a bit of time today playing around with the idea of making my own.


They came as a set of 4 so plenty of material to mess about with.

Made up a little cardboard template


And then transferred it over to the mud flap.

First attempt came out well, but I didn’t like the top of the flap coming out at pretty much 90 degrees from the wing (see first template pic forgot to take a photo of the plastic version.)

So tried again, and ended up with this



Pretty happy with it… well, I don’t hate them. I wanted them to be as discreet as possible and think I achieved that. Just going to see if they do the job and go from there really.

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