Best brake upgrades?

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Re: Best brake upgrades?

Post by Poffe »

Just bought used front callipers from a R32 incl brackets, quite cheap I think. Maybe I’ll go for new sealings and so on. Discs and pads not that expensive either I think. Anyone know the OEM brake pad numbers? Just to make sure I order the right ones.

Any suggestions on what colour I should paint the calipers in?
Got a red car. Blue, red or black?

Also, where did you buy the pad retainers? S3 or R mark?
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Re: Best brake upgrades?

Post by x_p_e_r_t_1 »

The S3 ones look really good, DTE have a youtube for swapping his, and seems fairly bolt-off-bolt-on, and it's reasonable to maintain cost...
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Re: Best brake upgrades?

Post by samyam1 »

I’ve been looking at Porsche Mccan brakes as a replacement.

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