rusty rescue

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rusty rescue

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Got an old caddy that has seen a working life then sat in a field for a good while.

It's got a good spirit, a bit finicky but in the end responds well to proper attention. No fixing one little thing. You will have to get to the bottom of whatever is the source, and it will take a long time...

Most jobs are as you'd expect, difficult, delicate (in the breaker-bar sense of the term) but seem to go better than expected - except for one little thing. Every job. Replace a strut? Yep, slow and steady and it all came apart very nicely considering the condition of everything. However, It was the little bolt that mounts the brake line clip that had rusted into a barnacle that stopped me in my tracks for hours. Patience, penetrating oil, and a wire brush can do some amazing things I've discovered.

Started replacing suspension parts and every one I replced made things worse. It wasn't until the very end and pretty much every single part had been replaced that things started to improve. Realised that the old parts were so worn out that anything vaguely strong would overpower everything else and the whole system would get further out of equilibrium.

2.0 sdi - about as simple as an engine gets, a truly beautiful thing. Pretty cool to have a basically modern car, escpecially with interior upgrade, that has an engine that could have been built a century ago.
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Re: rusty rescue

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Hi, it sounds like you've helped it back onto it's wheels, so to speak! I'd welcome any photos you have. Cheers, Ollie.
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