Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

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Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by Welp »

Does anyone know what the maximum number of miles you can get out of a full tank of ad-blue?
I've got a 2020 Caddy life 1.6L. When I bought it from a VW Van Centre, it had 6500 miles to go before the tank would be empty. I'm guessing it was full when they sold it to me.
After a lot of driving, it was at 1400 miles before empty and flashing up warning messages that it should be topped up, so I filled it up. It then only showed 3500 miles until it would be empty. I was expecting it to read 6500 miles.
I took it to a VW van service centre. They emptied it, refilled it and it then showed only 2500 miles until it would be empty.
They are trying to say this is all down to the way I drive. They say there is no specification that says how long a full tank of ad-blue should last because it's all down to driver behaviour. They say they've replaced the ad-blue pump because that showed a fault. But they can't get the ad-blue message to read any higher than 2500 miles and want me to collect the car.
I've told them there must be a defect and am insisting they fix it.
I've never had a car with ad-blue before, so can anyone please give me some advice on this?
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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by dan@biali »

This is (I assume) for cars as it was on the buyacar page but Volkswagen estimates that you’ll use around 1.5 litres of AdBlue every 620 miles and the Caddy tank is 9 litres. My maths says thats 3720 miles, on average. But on the AA website they talk about driving styles, temperature the vehicle is operating in etc influencing the range you can get from it. Its possible the Caddy needs to be driven a bit to reset its range just like the fuel gauge - drive it like you stole it so the predicted miles to empty drops and the mpg is very low, when you first fill up its likely to still think thats how you will continue to drive and its only when you start driving it adapts to how you are actually driving.
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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by Andrew5 »

I have only filled my adblue once since I got my newer caddy it was showing 4500 miles range when I bought it and filled it up couple of weeks ago and went back to 4500 miles it said to fill it up add 1.25 gallons if I remember correctly
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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by theredaaron »

I got an Adblue warning today. It said range 1500 miles and then said min 1_250G max 1_500G. I had no idea what the min and max was telling as I assumed the g was grams!

Where do you see the adblue range on demand?
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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by Alex mc »

@theredaaron what spec van have got mate ?

I know I’ve not got the fancy clocks and it’s a case of pushing the button on the LHS bottom of the clocks a few times honk first push time setting hrs the second is minutes then the services then comes to add blue range it will show / flash twice followed by the message you have noted. I’ve had the same message before I just fill it up take it a drive and should go back to 4500-5000 miles range cant remember which.

Not sure if the message is telling you minimum you can put in or that’s the lowest the range can go to I’ve looked the owners book however gave up hope that helps fella

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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by gazza31112 »

It's min and max in gallons

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Re: Ad-Blue warning message is stuck

Post by BurariRS »

I’ve had my tank removed and mapped out after it kept going wrong!
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