Maxi life rear panel removal

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Maxi life rear panel removal

Post by Sway »

Any tips/guide on how to remove the rear interior panels on a maxi life?

Planning a ply floor with altro and want to run under the trims... Image

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Re: Maxi life rear panel removal

Post by AlwynMike »

Pretty simple.
There may be one or two screws but they will be visible.
Remove the tie down points.
Pull the door seal away from the body.
Then just big tug!
Expect clip breakages - from memory, there are two types back there.
The power socket wires are short but you can get at them through the left hand cubby hole.
Mine didn't go back quite tight (wheelchair passenger using them to grab hold of) so I ended up with a couple of screws to hold it solid. Used number plate screw caps to cover the heads.
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Re: Maxi life rear panel removal

Post by emmD »

Interested to hear if you ended up removing these panels. I''m considering the same but not sure if it's worth it/too risky.... any advice? Cheers!
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Re: Maxi life rear panel removal

Post by PJD »

Can't comment on the darker panels below, though best remove those first.

The top panels are mostly held on with those round plastic push pins on the MK3 Life. Remove the cargo nets first, then to remove the panels, get a plastic trim tool, many have a v slot, and the right size Allen tool. Gently tilt the centre of the plastic push pin and then put the v shape of a plastic trim tool in the recess and pull. It will remove the clip unmarked. The panels will easily pull off with no or minimal clip damage. The panels overlap so be mindful of when removing.
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