Engine not fully heating up

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Re: Engine not fully heating up

Post by Davidmorris »

The gauge is controlled by a coolant temp sensor that is sat in the water jacket. The thermostats are there to maintain a constant temperature one or both failed/failing can cause heating issues .
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Re: Engine not fully heating up

Post by NZDubNurd »

Have a look to see if you have the DSG stat too - there is a skoda forum article somewhere. It's inline, in a hose and shouldn't be confused for a one way valve some cars have. They look similar, but the stat one has a metal clip in it.

Either one not stopping the flow properly, means coolant can go to the radiator, when it should be circulating inside the block only (mostly).
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Re: Engine not fully heating up

Post by DeanWhit »

Finally sorted. It was the DSG stat.
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