best upgrade for caddy brakes

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best upgrade for caddy brakes

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Hi All new here I have a c20 1.9 tdi 2010 caddy and looking at upgrading the brakes dont want to go crazy is there anyone on here that have done this and what did you use to do this.
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Re: best upgrade for caddy brakes

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Welcome to the forum.
To know what might be considered an upgrade, we would need to know what you have got currently.
Standard on a 1.9 fitted with 15" wheels from the factory will be 288mm front and 256mm rears.
Upgrading to the brakes fitted on a 2.0 caddy of the same era is the easiest option, those had 312mm fronts. You'll require only a set of caliper carriers, pads and discs for this upgrade. Your calipers should be the same as those from the 2.0.
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