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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by GregWalters »

I could get them cut if needed?

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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by gazza31112 »

The money from them goes back into running the forum for all of us, so probably better just to be patient, I'm sure they will be back at some point

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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by jaroslaav_ »

Hi Doc, would love to get some stickers on my Caddy. When they’re in stock again, is it possible to ship to Czech? Thanks!
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by hrabesak »

Hi, I would like to have forum sticker on my Caddy. I am from Czechia too. Is there a way to get them here? Thanks for reply :D
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by DaiCaddy »

Hi I would like some stickers, how can I order along with a keyring, thanks
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by Maxilife08 »

Are these still available? They look amazing
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by Vanmandan »

Hi, id like to order a sticker pack please :D
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by Bgd99 »

Doc wrote: Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:39 pm OK guys, I've made a sticker pack for the new forum logo.
The pack includes one large logo, one large logo in relief, one large logo in reverse for internal mounting on glass and one large logo with text.
These can be see here.
One Pack is shown below.
They do come with a masking tape transfer film applied to make it easy to fit wherever you like. This is not shown.

I have no intention of stocking the array of colours previously stocked as it made it quite difficult and there was a lot which were not very popular.
I've stuck with the most popular colours from the previous design and threw in a bit of sparkle (glitter grey) to see how it would be received.
The colours available are:
Matte Black
Glitter Grey
Glitter Grey shown below.

***[Edit: 20/08/2019]
I've added a lime green pack which I think is very close to viper green. Image

I also have limited edition runs of fluorescent yellow and matte gold.
[These sold out 11/11/2019]

[Update 12/10/2022]
I have added a new colour which is a dark grey, this is essentially the glitter grey without the sparkle.

I have also had a limited run of some Prismatic silver stickers.
These will be priced the same as other sticker sets but I will have to list these as an add-on item available only if you are ordering a set from the standard range.

The guys at Tatton Park show seen these also, they are some printed stickers I had made.
RedWhite And BlackOrange Stickers-min.jpeg
These will also be available as an add-on only, priced at £1 each.

After extensive discussion, both with my sticker supplier and others, I think a price of £5 including delivery (Royal Mail 1st Class) is fair for these. I hope everyone will agree.
FYI, any money made from these goes back into the forum and this is currently the only means of funding for the forum other than out of my own pocket.
For stickers sent outside of the UK an additional charge of £0.85 within Europe and £1.70 for further afield will apply, this is Royal Mail Standard international charge minus the charge for 1st class already included in the pack price.

For now, until I get around to making a "shop" similar to the old style stickers, I will conduct all sales via this thread on a first come first served basis.

Current stock levels as of 14/10/2022:
White - 45
Matte Black - 21
Silver - 18
Blue - 14
Red - 18
Glitter Grey - 35
Lime Green - 13
Dark Grey - 17

Add-on stickers:
Prismatic silver - 5
Red/White stripe - 40
Black with orange box - 40

Payments will be processed via Zettle since PayPal have decided to have my pants down with extortionate fees.
Let me know what you would like in this thread, I will send you an email to get your postal address and then send a Zettle invoice.
If you would like to add a keytag FROM HERE, these can be included in the same order.
do you still do these? or will you be at any shows soon with them?
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by Nath&Alex »

Again I'm keen to support the club, so when you're ready @Doc I would like some stickers and keyring
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Re: New Forum Logo Sticker Packs

Post by BagleyCJX »

I would also like to order if you do another batch please
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