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Into and Help!

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Afternoon all!

Bought my ex BG Caddy Maxi last month as a "cheap van to move the bike around", that's since out the window and I'm fully invested in all the mods going.

Aside from a few mechanical issues (stuck thermostat and leaking oil cooler housing) its not been too bad and easy enough to work on.

I've got stuck into an EGR delete over the long weekend and struggled for space but finally got all off and blanking off with the Darkside kit which sadly comes with no instructions and being Good Friday they are closed. The kit only comes with 2 blanking plates, am I to leave the entry and exit from the block open? It would be the left side pipe on my picture below; just doesn't seem right to leave it open?


Maybe someone has done this before and knows for sure!

Thanks! Rob

Off to spend more money and my time in Caddy land!