RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

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RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

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So I've been looking at vans for a long time - I race enduro dirt bikes and have started doing some MTB as well and honestly I couldn't get over how expensive very average vans have got. I started looking for Transporters but was unwilling to pay the kings ransom that a 200k Transporter was going for.

As all good projects start - I made an off the cuff comment with a friend who runs a modified car company about engine swapping a Caddy and within a few days, he had sold me a donor car and another friend had sold me a 1.9 PD Caddy Maxi that needed an engine and turbo for €500.


As you can see from the photos its as rough as a bag of nails and I must be mad cos I see great potential in this thing - but it has everything I need... a solid shell and of the correct age where the electrics and wiring for the engine swap will be compatible and hopefully not a complete nightmare.

So onto the engine swap... Gavin had a ex-police 3.2 VW B6 Passat sitting in stock with 97k on it as a parts car for his own Passat. The perfect doner car... not really, but it's in stock and thats the main thing.


So there we go - that's the plans so far. It will be getting a full cosmetic makeover once the engine is in and I'll go through that at a later date. I've decided to vlog the build, so if you want a bit more indepth info, the first episode is live on YouTube now.


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Re: RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

Post by snuffegull »

This will be a cool project! I will follow for sure!
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Re: RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

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Looking forward to following along with the build thread. Enjoyed the video too and have subscribed

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Re: RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

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VR6 the world! 8)
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Re: RaddyMAXI - 3.2 'R32' VW Caddy Bike Van Build!

Post by Baldspeed Racing »

following on insta and youtube dude, nice crosser also btw
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