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Caddy World Website

Post by Mikemarsh113 »

Hi there

Has anyone ever bought off before?
So many scams out there these days so hard to tell just want verification if anyone has used it before or if anyone knows any actual websites for MK4 caddy parts

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Re: Caddy World Website

Post by PeakyPaul »

I'd be interest in this too - the only reviews I can see are on Facebook and they are not good!

This is what put me off.
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Re: Caddy World Website

Post by Andrew5 »

If you search for a build thread call Vw caddy cargo project that website is mentioned page 1
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Re: Caddy World Website

Post by FishermansFriend »

I believe he is a active member of this forum and maybe offers discounts to forum members, he has done a few nice caddy builds, some of which are in the build tread section of the forum. I think his caddy2k forum name is RKDesigns, I have never bought anything from him but he does not strike me as the type of person who would take your money and not produce the goods. I would feel comfortable purchasing from him and would take the facebook reviews with a pinch of salt.
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Re: Caddy World Website

Post by Giddy »

That's forum member RKDesigns website from Netherlands. I believe few people have bought some parts from him with no complaints.
This is his build thread ... &start=135
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