Front end face-lift

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Front end face-lift

Post by Sg4lyf »

How do i gain acces to the info on the front end facelift 2004 to 2011?

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Re: Front end face-lift

Post by JackHale14 »

Not much help; sorry! but following along. From what I have seen on youtube (DTE TV channel) the touran later end fits but front wings sit higher, so needs something underneath. Also a bracket for an extra attaching point on the headlights.
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Re: Front end face-lift

Post by dan@biali »

Have you asked in this thread viewtopic.php?t=31039 for your upgrade? If yes and its been processed then you should have no issue viewing the entire forum.
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Re: Front end face-lift

Post by fishynos72 »

There's a fair amount involved, from what i understand, even with a mk3 facelift You will still need to weld the newer 'out rigger' pieces onto the end of the upper chassis section.

A mk3 facelift and mk4 front will involve the same amount of work, see my video below to get an idea of the work involved going for the mk4 front swap.

The 4 top 1/4 panel or guard mounts can be ordered separately as can the lower headlight mounting bracket.
Both get welded to the vehicle.

The 'outrigger' end piece cannot be ordered on its own, despite having it's own part number. It comes complete with the upper rail section, you will then need to separate and modify it to suit a retrofit.
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