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Alex mc
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Paint issue

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Hi all I was washing my van today to get all the road salt off it. However during rinsing I noticed a small chunk out the paint on the rear wheel arch . It looks like it’s back to the metal or primer either way not so good given the amount of salt being flung about on the roads at the moment. Ideally as I use the van for work trying to sort this out tomorrow.

Question are the bodies of these vans galvanised ?

My paint colour is LB9A candy white.
Does that his require clear coat / lacquer.?
What is the best approach?
what is the best grit paper is needed ? What grit to start with and finish with ?

I’m looking to really just protect it from the salt on the roads until I can get it done at the paint shop.

I have picked up tin of white primer and tin of candy white paint late this afternoon along with kurust. Can anyone offer best method of approach ?


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Re: Paint issue

Post by dub_crazee »

Best approach as a temporary fix is to degrease then just dab it in with paint (no sanding). Either 2k paint or base coat and lacquer.

When you come to repair it properly you need to get as close match as possible - if you can, find a paint supplier who will match to sample. With it being white it has to be a very good match. It will then need feathering out, etch prime / epoxy, prepped, blended base coat then the whole quarter lacquering. This is best done by a decent body shop.

I has the same on my last caddy as when I loaded it up the wheels rubber the arches and caused them to get hot. Ended up looking exactly like yours.
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