Blackberry Maxi Camper

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Blackberry Maxi Camper

Post by Adlewis90 »

Just a little thread to track the progress of my build, older electricans van into a bike van, kid van and camper! Wish me luck
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Re: Blackberry Maxi Camper

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I am myself a newbie in this group but having the same ambition as you have. I want to transfer something quite old and probably worn, to something nicer, different and more suitable for my purposes. In my case that is a tiny camper to be used when I hike.

Good luck with your project
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Re: Blackberry Maxi Camper

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good luck and lets see some photos!
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Re: Blackberry Maxi Camper

Post by PJD »

Been working on mine to turn into a microcamper. Aim is for good finish interior with an overall budget of 3K for a fully working camper. Got to the point where furniture is next to work out.

Got a build thread too if that helps.
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